Beans and Strings – Coffee Packaging

October 27, 2011

You may remember that I once worked as a designer for Beans and Strings, a local music school with a full-service coffee bar. My old friends Eric and Vanessa Foster-Whiddon started the company in January 2010, and since then it has grown into the most popular live-music destination in town, as well as the most popular coffee shop in the county.

Fortunately for both of us, they’ve done well enough that they are now selling their own packaged blends of coffee via Grassroots Coffee, a shop in Thomasville, Georgia that also roasts and sells custom lends. Eric asked me to design the packaging, which, though exciting, was a first for me.

After going back and forth, this is what we came up with. (Note: 1-2-Ready-Go! is a collaboration between myself and Eric; my elements, his implementation).

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I’ve got some really cool shots of the final packaging coming, so stay posted (I’ll just say that we make some pretty creative uses of recycled guitar strings). If you’re interested in the coffee, here’s what they’ve got:

1, 2, Ready Go

  • Mild medium roast nutty and caramel notes with a light chocolate body.
  • Make-up: 80% Central American 20% South American beans

Blue Note

  • Bright and citric up front with a medium body, made up of earthy and cocoa notes.
  • Make-up: 50% Central American 50% African beans

Elvis Ate Dinner

  • Dark Roast, with light hints of caramel and sweetness up front with a thick body made up of earthy notes and slightly burnt raspberry
  • Make-up: 50% Central American 50% Indonesian beans

Find out more about purchasing the beans via @beansandstrings on Twitter, by following Beans and Strings on Facebook, or by calling Vanessa at (229) 985-0093. Or you can check out their site.


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