Amory-Warburg Wedding Invitations

October 21, 2011

Amory-Warburg Wedding

Jami Lyn and I are excited about heading back to the coast weekend, but not for the usual reasons. Sure, (no. 1 in the country) Georgia Southern has a football game Saturday, and sure, we’ll take any and every excuse to go back to Savannah, but this weekend in special. Because, on Sunday afternoon my little sister Allison is getting hitched! We couldn’t be happier for her and Brian, and I was honored that they asked me to design their invitations and wedding programs for them.

Above is the wedding title, used as the invitation and the cover for the programs. Her colors are blue and yellow (think Georgia Tech’s old gold and navy, Brian’s alma mater) and she’s an artsy gal, so I got the chance to doll it up a bit. She’s also a big fan of birds.

Congratulations to you both! We can’t wait to see you guys on your big day Sunday.


2 Responses to “Amory-Warburg Wedding Invitations”

  1. brandmed said

    Sorry, but I couldn’t help but think of this:

  2. I had the link to that in the original post back in July! I went back and grabbed it. Thanks for the reminder. Love this clip.

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