Logos – Georgia Southern

June 27, 2011

While at Georgia Southern, I had the joy of working on some university departmental nameplates. Here are a few.

Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

This is the most widely-used logo I got to work on. The Division of SAEM is one of the largest divisions at the university, and this logo has been used on everything from notepads to banners to big screens; anything the division sponsors. The coolest use I got to see was on a massive projection screen in the basketball arena behind Condoleezza Rice as she spoke to thousands of faculty and staff. It gives a feller a good feeling knowing it’s up there doing its job.

Southern Legacy Student Foundation

Unfortunately, this nameplate was rejected, and the division went another direction. I still REALLY like it a lot. They wanted the image of the great oaks planted on the historic old campus circle, strong and reliable, in their new fundraising drive.



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